New Jersey Redesigns Transit Map For The Super Bowl

Finally a map that connects all the transit lines between New Jersey and New York.

Serena Chu
Serena Chu on December 11, 2013.

The biggest football event of the year is coming to NYC next year, so the Metropolitan Transit Authority thought it would be beneficial to release a regional transit map that covers all the rail lines between New York and New Jersey. The MTA calls this the “first mass transit Super Bowl,” because it is truly a comprehensive map.

On it, commuters can not only find the NYC subway, but also the New Jersey Transit, Metro-North, PATH, Long Island Railroad and Amtrak. It is literally everything new visitors would need to know in order to get around the densely populated areas.

The map is designed by Vignelli Associates, and takes style inspiration from Massimo Vignelli’s iconic NYC subway map, which debuted in 1872. Click here for the full PDF of the map. 

NYC Transmit Map

Source, Image: Gizmodo