Furniture Built Entirely From Obsolete Computers And Electronics [Pics]

Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Chair is featured on Lady Gaga's 'Artpop' album and tour.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on December 9, 2013. @DavePinter

Having previously created furniture pieces from salvaged materials ranging from plastic bottle caps to clothing tags, Benjamin Rollins Caldwell’s latest collection should get any tech geek drooling. His Binary Collection repurposes thousands of discarded computer and electronics circuit boeads and cables into chairs, tables and wall cabinets.


Caldwell told PSFK at the collections’ 2013 Design Miami debut that he found the first batch of circuit boards dumped in a warehouse near his Spartanburg, SC studio. Since then word has gotten around that he is reusing them and he now gets donations from schools and companies. In creating the pieces, Caldwell tries to leave many of the mechanical bits like disc drives and antennas functioning. While nearly crossing the line to becoming pure sculpture, the chairs are actually comfortable to sit on.

Earlier this year, the Binary Chair was selected by Lady Gaga to be a prominent fixture in her ‘Artpop’ album launch. She used the chair on a Good Morning America interview and it will be a fixture on her worldwide tour.

Binary Chair

Binary Chair01-1 copy Binary Chair01-2 copy Binary Chair01-4 copy Binary Chair01-6 copy Binary Chair02-2 copy Binary Chair02-1 copy Binary Chair02-3 copy

Binary Low Table

Binary Low Table01-1 copy Binary Table 02 01 copy Binary Table 02 02 copy Binary Low Table01-2 copy Binary Low Table01-3 copy Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Room At Lady Gaga's artRave Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Room At Lady Gaga's artRave Benjamin Rollins Caldwell's Binary Room At Lady Gaga's artRave

Source: BRC Designs

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