Old Mac Computers Upcycled Into Cozy Pet Beds [Pics]

Atomic Attic turn iMacs into the perfect place for your pets to get some sleep.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on December 12, 2013. @greenidealism

Miles and Aimee Harrison of Atomic Attic have taken an old iMac 3G desktop computer and turned it into a retro pet bed perfect for cats or small dogs. Having already crafed pet beds out of TVs, vintage suitcases, and satellite dishes, the pair knew exactly what to do when they found an ancient iMac.

The Harrison’s wanted to use every available part in their creation, which is why they even used the original speakers to brace the bed and prevent it from acting more like a rocking chair. It also comes with a removable machine washable slipcover as well as a fluffy cushion to keep your furry friend as comfortable as possible.


Every CRT is accounted for through a local Oregon e-cycles provider, and all of the iMacs are cleaned, polished and heat treated for maximum acrylic clarity. The couple also adds: “Minor scuffs and scratches go with the territory.” You can get hold of one for $129 via the couple’s Etsy store.

Atomic Attic

Source: DesignBoom

Images: Atomic Attic

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