Popcorn Brand Gaming Accessory Gives Off Whiffs Of Real Butter

A cellphone device that emits the sweet smell of popcorn as you play Pop Secret’s mobile game.

It seems as if companies have been branching out of their comfort zone to promote their products in new and creative ways. No stranger to the idea, Pop Secret developed a mobile phone attachment, which they call Pop Dongle, that emits the sweet smell of popcorn as people play the company’s mobile game “Poptopia“. As long players have the dongle plugged into the audio jack of their iPhone or Ipod Touch, they can enjoy the taste for popcorn without the added calories.

Pop Dongle is the first mainstream scent-releasing device from a consumer brand. With proceeds going to the American Red Cross, the company has created three limited edition attachments and will auction it off on eBay.

While not everyone will get a chance to snatch up a limited edition Pop Dongle, the game Poptopia, on the other hand, can be enjoyed by all. It is free to download and dangerously addictive.

Check out the promo video below.

Pop Dongle

Source: Creativity

Video: Poptopia