Gadget Stops Devices From Sucking Power Once They Are Fully Charged

Powerslayer is a USB charger that stops the flow of energy once the connected device is already fully charged.

Appliances or devices that are plugged in even when not in use continue to draw power. Even devices that are fully charged but still plugged in result in wasted power or “vampire power,” which accounts for an estimated loss of $3 billion each year, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Developed by the team at tech company Velvet WirePowerslayer is a USB charger that uses a series of algorithms to detect when the connected device is already fully charged and stops the flow of energy completely, helping conserve power.


Powerslayer banks on its intelligent and elegant design to attract potential customers. Many devices already try to educate users about overcharging their gadgets, but Powerslayer does away with constantly monitoring and tracking the power usage of devices through the built-in software that makes sure gadgets are not overcharged.

The new USB charger is currently raising funds on Kickstarter. Backers can purchase a Powerslayer for $40.


Velvet Wire

Source: Wired

Images: Powerslayer