PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

PSFK Picks: Top Five Health Innovations Of The Week

A health monitoring patch that can predict heart attacks and an antibacterial spray made only from tech-treated water.

  • 23 december 2013

Each week with its partner Boehringer Ingelheim brings you a snapshot of five innovative ideas that are reshaping the health care industry. This week’s innovations include a health monitoring patch that can predict heart attacks and an antibacterial spray made only from tech-treated water.


Wearable Health Patch Can Predict Health Emergencies Such As Heart Attacks
The HealthPatch from Vital Connect is a wearable biosensor that comes in the form of a small patch users can wear to measure caloric burn, heart rate and six other vital signs, as well as detect if the wearer takes a severe fall. Because the patch is worn on the chest rather than on the wrist it is able to detect with greater accuracy, and measurements are taken continuously rather than just showing a single snapshot in time. The device is also able to calculate secondary health indicators such as stress, likelihood for hospitalization and other valuable data. The always-on aspect of the HealthPatch makes it ideal for catching medical emergencies as soon as they happen, such as falls and heart attacks, saving valuable minutes in emergency response.


New Model Predicts Flu Nine Weeks Before It Spreads
Columbia University researchers have built an algorithmic model that can accurately predict flu outbreaks across the country. The model, called the susceptible-infected-recovered-susceptible model, or SIRS, incorporates weekly reports from both Google Flu Trends as well as real-time weekly CDC data of influenza diagnoses. So far, the Columbia model has produced accurate predictions in 63% of the cities it analyzed, and it is able to train itself with incoming data every week, tweaking its prediction trajectory, and growing more accurate over time. The research team is working to make the flu virus much more predictable and controllable, and in the future a ‘flu forecast’ could be just as common as a daily weather forecast.


Biotracking Wig Conceals Wearable Tech
Sony has recently filed a patent for a new ‘Smart Wig’, a conceptual sensor-rigged hairpiece that can help the wearer navigate roads and track biometrics like body temperature and blood pressure. The wig enables users to immediately react to input, even if the computing device provides only small or weak feedback.The fact that users instinctively protect their heads more than other body parts is also advantageous, since more sensitive sensors and other computing components may be used without the risk of getting damaged. Furthermore, the wig hides wearable pieces and lets people track data without drawing too much unwanted attention to themselves.


Antibacterial Spray Kills Germs Using Nothing But Tech-Treated Water
Eco3spray is a new product that transforms ordinary tap water (H2O) into dissolved ozone (O3), a naturally-occurring compound that kills a wide range of different pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella, staph aureus, pneumonia, and more. When used as a sanitizer, it works just as effectively as chlorine or bleach, but doesn’t come with any unpleasant fumes or leave behind toxic chemical residue. The device uses a diamond electrolysis cell to break the water molecules down into hydrogen, oxygen, and ozone. When the ozone molecules make contact with bacteria, they create a reaction called an ‘oxidative burst,’ which makes a tiny hole in the bacteria’s cell wall. As more and more of these tiny holes are created, the cell loses it’s shape, causing it to die. Eco3spray is ideal in medical situations, as it sanitizes safely without the use of any harsh or reactive chemicals.


Bio-Sensing Necklace WIll Let Wearer Test Their Own Blood And Fluids
Kernel of Life is a concept necklace from design studio fuseproject, which allows users to conduct their own test of samples such as blood, saliva, breath, and urine. The device features a four quadrant bio-sensing absorbent pad and connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app. After a sample is placed on the pad, the test results can be transmitted to a mobile app, which connects to the cloud, allowing patients to be regularly monitored remotely. The device is also able to provide users with reminders like when to take their medicine or visit the doctor. Kernel is designed to make it easy to diagnose and treat illnesses in areas where the nearest physician is not easily accessible to the patient.

PSFK has partnered with  Boehringer Ingelheim to bring you a steady stream of inspiring news and ideas in the health and wellness space. Once each week, we will be posting an article on If you would like to gain access to the full stream of content, please check out Boehringer Ingelheim’s Facebook Page, where they are publishing a regular stream of inspiring and informative content.


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