R2D2 Robot Provides Security Coverage When Humans Can’t [Video]

The K5 Autonomous Data Machine by Knightscope is designed to be a safety and security tool in schools and neighborhoods.

California-based company Knightscope has developed a mobile machine that is designed to be used as a safety and security tool for companies and places like schools and neighborhoods.

The K5 Autonomous Data Machine is a five foot tall R2D2-resembling robot that has imaging sensors, a video camera, a laser range finder, a radar, and the ability to alert police.

According to an article on The NY Times, Knightscope was founded after the Sandy Hook incident and co-founder William Santana Li said that K5 reduces the need for an armed officer in every school.


The mobile robot seems to bring up issues regarding labor and privacy rights, but the founders of Knightscope maintain that K5 is meant to augment the security system of an organization and not reduce the need for human workforce.

The K5 is still under development and is raising funds on AngelList.


Watch the clip below to see a simulation of how the machine works.


Source: The NY Times

Images: Knightscope