Sriracha Vodka Transforms The Popular Condiment Into An Alcoholic Beverage

UV Vodka adds another sizzling flavor to the their collection of trendy drinks.

Without a doubt, Sriracha has become an important part of our daily food pyramid. To electrify the tastebuds even more, Phillips Distilling concocted a fiery Sirarcha vodka that is blended with chili peppers, garlic and vegetables. The beverage is not too hot, and has the right amount of kick to turn any dull glass into a savory drink. It is also the perfect ingredient to punch up a Bloody Mary.

Not only is this drink unlike anything you’ve tried before, but it is also very low in calories. There are special Sriracha recipes on the brand’s website, which include Sriracha Chelada and Srirachaberry Margarita. The next time you’re out on the town, be sure to request a shot of Sriracha Vodka.

UV Vodka

Source: UV Vodka

Image: Time