Sleeping Mask Simulates The Sunrise For A Non-Groggy Awakening

Sleeping Mask Simulates The Sunrise For A Non-Groggy Awakening

NapWell tracks your sleep cycle to figure out the best time to wake you up.

Ross Brooks

Waking up to the sun streaming in your windows is probably one of the best ways to go about an otherwise unpleasant task. It seems a Boston-based company called Napwell would agree, which is why they created a sleeping mask that coaxes you from your sleep at just the right time using a “sunrise” effect.

The inside of the mask is luminous and gradually lights up to emulate a sunrise, waking you up at your desired time naturally – instead of a harsh sound that often disrupts your sleep cycle. A simulated sunrise allows the brain to gradually wake up so when your alarm finally rings, you wake up feeling refreshed instead of groggy.


Napwell completely blocks out surrounding light with a high quality, ergonomic sleep mask design. Plus, it’s battery powered which means it doesn’t require an internet connection, recharging, or maintenance of any kind. One of the co-creators, Justin Lee spoke with TechCrunch and said “Our goal is to build products that help people lead efficient and productive lives.”

The team are currently seeking $30,000 in funding via their Kickstarter Campaign which has more than a month to go.



Source: TechCrunch 

Images: Napwell

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