Thin Tablet Cover Unfolds Into A Stand-Alone Sound System [Pics]

SoundPad has built-in speakers and mini subwoofers to enhance user experience.

Atoll, a company based in the US and in Europe, has developed the SoundPad that looks like your typical flexible smart cover for tablets, but actually doubles as a Bluetooth-enabled portable sound system.

Made of durable silicone, SoundPad flips open into a stand-alone speaker system. The smart cover has built-in high quality loudspeakers and mini sub-woofers to help enhance the sounds or music of the tablet and improve user experience.

The device is designed for iPad Classic, Air, and Mini.

SoundPad-1 SoundPad-4SoundPad-12

Scroll through the gallery below for more images of the SoundPad.



Source: Design Boom

Images: Atoll