Uber Offers Lost & Found Service For Forgetful Passengers

Retrace your steps and figure out where you were when you lost your item with this new service.

Uber has introduced a new line of service that allows commuters to locate lost possessions more easily. Leaving a cell phone or a wallet in a backseat can be troublesome, but the company’s new service gives users a chance to contact the driver directly and retrace their steps. Emailed receipts will now include the driver’s name and phone number.

uber lost and found

Uber will create a simple timeline of events to help you figure out where you were when you lost the item. Once you have an idea, you can call the number on the receipt and ask the driver if he has your lost item. This service might not be some earth shattering news, but it is a good safety net to fall back on. Out of 33 reported lost items, Uber has solved 29 of those cases, and is very confident this system will benefit more people in the long run.


Source: Techcrunch