Food Pairings Match Ingredients And Colors To Uniqlo’s Collection [Video]

App offers up 24 original recipes from 6 emerging chefs in the US.

Uniqlo‘s latest app is a mix of food, style, and music that features 24 original recipes from 6 emerging chefs around the US. All of the recipes were inspired by the brand’s LifeWear Philosophy, along with their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. The recipes use everyday cooking ingredients and common cooking techniques to create a blend of fine dining and comfort food, all of which are easy to make at home.

The brand wanted to fuse food and style to highlight the relationship between colors and textures. Each of the chefs can be seen wearing various outfits that complement the colors and character of the dishes they have prepared. The app also makes it easy to buy these outfits for those who feel that way inclined.


Other features include original music, cooking sounds, and a timer that you can use to make sure your cooking comes out just the way you planned it. For those who like the ideas, here’s a video that shows you what to expect from the app:


Source: CreativityOnline | Images: Uniqlo