Munich Hotel Twisted Into Bizarre Configurations [Pics]

Architect Víctor Enrich takes on his city's staid aesthetic with creative deconstruction.

Rachel Pincus
Rachel Pincus on December 30, 2013.

“I think Munich is a beautiful city – you see that it has a rich past and that the quality of life here is good, but I do think there’s a slight lack of magic. Everything is almost too in order.” According to Departures International magazine, that’s the inspiration that led artist and 3D visualizer Víctor Enrich to wreak mirthful havoc on a series of Munich buildings. Having spent several years doing renderings and then attending architecture school until the financial crisis, the Barcelona-born Enrich, who has also spent time in Latvia and Tel Aviv but currently lives in the city whose buildings he twists, spents around a month making highly detailed 3D models of each building before improvising his re-interpretations.


In contrast to the wild visions of some contemporary architects, many of the typical person’s ideas of what’s good or possible in architecture are fairly conservative. Buildings that deviate wildly from the norm, such as the work of architects like Frank Gehry, are the very tip of an iceberg of far more practical and functional projects that get built every year. ”They have helped push architecture into the public eye more, but they are playing,” said Enrich. “What they do is not normal architecture.” Still, what you see on the streets is often the product of major financial and creative compromises, so it’s refreshing to see creations straight from someone’s mind – especially if that person comes from outside the world of architecture, with its inherent distortions and limitations.

Víctor Enrich

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