Energy-Gauge Headset Tracks Blinks To Keep Wearers Awake

Device evaluates energy levels to gently nudge wearers awake.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on December 17, 2013. @greenidealism

Sometimes coffee just doesn’t cut it. To stay awake for long periods of time it might be useful to have a device like Vigo, a wearable gadget that quantifies your alertness. It nudges you when you’re dozing off, and gives you recommendations about when to take smarter breaks. It looks like a Bluetooth headset, and uses a built-in infrared sensor and accelerometer to monitor your level of alertness by tracking your blinks and body movement.

Vigo tracks over 20 parameters in your blinks and watches how these variables change. This information, combined with data about your activity and head motion, allows Vigo to quantify your mental energy. You can also control how the device “nudges” you, whether you prefer a soft pulsing vibration, a discreet notification LED or an adrenaline-inducing song to get you back on track.


Because the headset logs your alertness data, it can also help you figure out when you’re at your best, and when it might be best to take a rest. This means you can plan important tasks for the time of day when you’re most alert, and leave the low priority tasks for the mid-afternoon slump. It would be especially useful for drivers on long hauls, to avoid dozing off at the wheel.


Vigo still has a long way to go with its Kickstarter Campaign, but if you feel like you need some help to reach your peak performance, it’s worth taking a look at their page and maybe even pledging some money to make it happen.


Source: Gizmodo


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