Voyeuristic Blogging Platform Lets Users Watch Authors As They Write [Video]

Tiny gives readers a glimpse into bloggers' environment in real-time.

Leah Gonzalez
Leah Gonzalez on December 18, 2013. @leahgonz

Digg’s founder Kevin Rose has developed a new blogging platform called Tiny, which allows readers to get a sneak peek into the writer’s world while they’re drafting their next big piece in real-time.

Using the blogger’s computer camera, the platform displays a pixelated background that helps people get a sense of the writer’s world at that exact moment without being too intrusive. While the product is just a prototype for now, Rose’s idea would help bring a face to the many articles we scroll through and provide a more personal connection between writer and reader.

Rose explains more about Tiny in the clip below:

Source, Images: The Next Web