Pacifying Shotgun Bullets Explode Into Wildflowers [Pics]

Pacifying Shotgun Bullets Explode Into Wildflowers [Pics]

The Flower Shell contains seeds instead of gunpowder.

Leah Gonzalez
  • 6 december 2013

Developed by designer Per Crowell at Scandinavian creative lab Studio Total, the Flower Shell is a standard 12-gauge shotgun shell that is filled with wildflower seeds.

Firing a flower shell results to an explosion of wildflower seeds that will presumably grow into a wildflower garden — showing a new and creative use for what is typically considered a violent object.


The Flower Shell is currently available with 12 different kinds of seeds: cornflower, columbine, daisy, poppy, clematis, sunflower, sweet pea, lavender, carnation, lupine, peony, and a collection of meadow flowers.

Although the flower shells are meant to inspire new life, they should still be regarded as live ammunition and must be used with caution, according to the project website.


Flower Shell

Source: Gizmodo

Images: Flower Shell

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