Installation Celebrates Written Word With Wire Sculptures

Japanese artist highlights the 'lost art' of the written word using books and wire.

Kristen Nozell
Kristen Nozell on December 3, 2013. @kristen_n

Young artist Minami Arai recently presented an installation titled ‘Tracing Action‘ as her graduating thesis show at Musashino Art University, which aims to celebrate the act of writing by recreating the text from beloved books with raised wire. The medium literally and figuratively elevates the characters from the page into the viewer’s consciousness, serving as a reminder of the art of physical word formation in today’s digital world.


Arai even replicates edits using wires of varying depths and colors to highlight the transient nature of writing. The installation won an award in the Mitsubishi Chemical Junior Designer Awards.


Tracing Action

Source: Spoon & Tomago

Images: Musashino Art University

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Kristen Nozell

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