3D-Printed Nails Usher In High-Tech Manicures [Pics]

The Laser Girls, a collaboration by designers Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, take 3D printing into the beauty industry.

A collaboration by NYC-based digital artists Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford, also known as the Laser Girls, created 3D-printed nail art featuring adhesive nails with unique and extravagant patterns that can only be achieved with 3D-printing technology.

The 3D-printed adhesive nails show another potential application of the technology in the beauty industry.

The designers are currently in residency at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. The designs are available on their Shapeways shop.



View more images of the nail art in the gallery below.


The Laser Girls

Source: Gizmodo

Images: The Laser Girls