Pop Star Undergoes Real-Time Digital Airbrushing In Her Latest Music Video

Hungarian singer reveals how ridiculous fake beauty standards have become in her latest single.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, but many of the people we look up to in society endorse a false standard of beauty that’s made possible by thick layers of makeup and seamless digital retouches. The Hungarian singer Csemer Bolglarka, also known as “Boggie,” subjects herself to the airbrush treatment as part of her latest music video for the single, “Parfum.”

The video takes you from start to finish, and makes it clear just how many enhancements take place before Boggie is “ready to face the public.” The fake software process cleans up spots and dark circles on her face, takes care of wayward hairs, thins her neck, lightens her skin tone, makes her eyes the same size and shape, and changes her hair color and that is only the beginning.


Once you’ve watched the video, it might be time to reevaluate what you consider “real beauty,” especially as you would need a highly skilled technician to achieve anything close to society’s current ideal.


Source: BusinessInsider

Images: Boggie