Hipster Parody Of “American Psycho” Reveals The Elitism Of Premium Denim [Video]

Advertisement proves that people really will kill for a pair of quality jeans.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on January 22, 2014. @greenidealism

Some could say that hipsters are obsessive about their fashion choices. Boutique fashion maker Denham the Jeanmaker is inclined to agree, especially if their latest advertisement is anything to go by. The nearly six-minute film parodies American Psycho, and shows hipsters committing murder and comparing their pants like they were business cards.

The boutique is focused on mixing denim with “workwear tradition,” and this ad shows how enthusiastic they really are about denim. Devotees of the brand are often those who are just as interested in the creation process behind their jeans as they are about wearing them.


Created by Flickering Wall, the parody (aptly titled “Denham Psycho”) was created to coincide with the opening of a Denham pop-up store in Berlin, and has spread across the web like wildfire. Don’t miss out on seeing what lengths a hipster will go to when it comes to quality denim-ware.

Denham the Jeanmaker

Source: AdWeek

Images: Denham the Jeanmaker

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