Anime World Envisions Minecraft’s Potential As A 3D Art Space [Video]

Alan Becker recreates the breathtaking Spirited Away for gamers to explore.

If Hayao Miyazaki’s Spirited Away wasn’t already amazing enough, Animator Alan Becker has decided to recreate the spellbinding world in Minecraft as part of his latest project. So far he has completed the bath house, the ghost town, and several other areas from the movie, with the final product expected to be a rare treat indeed.


For anyone who happens to be a Minecraft player, you can download the map to explore at the Spirited Away Minecraft Recreation website. If you’re just interested in seeing an amazing piece of animation take on a completely different form, then make sure you watch part 1 of the video tour below.

Alan Becker

Source: LaughingSquid

Images: Alan Becker