Business Card Doubles As A Working Mini-Keyboard [Video]

TechKeys creates a hands-on way for you to promote their business.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on January 8, 2014. @greenidealism

TechKeys is a company that specializes in custom keys for mechanical keyboards, so naturally, they decided to create a tech-themed business card that will impress even the most serious of clients. The card doubles as a printed circuit board (PCB) that can be hacked to work as a functional keyword, just so long as you have some basic soldering skills.

Based in Chicago, TechKeys founder Brad Agdern came up with the idea thanks to an fascination with business cards. He said in an interview with NetworkWorld:

I kept trying to outdo the previous version, and when I had the idea to make a functioning card, I knew I had to see it through. This one will be tough to top, but I have other ideas in the works already for other cards.


Other sources of inspiration for Agdern included business cards that relate to their owners business practice, such as a musicians card that plays music when run through a music box, and a locksmith whose business card can be disassembled into a lock pick.

If it sounds like something you would be interested in, here’s a hands-on demonstration of the TechKeys business card:


Source: NetworkWorld

Images: NetworkWorld

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