Sushi Restaurant Embraces Drug Legalization With Cannabis Pairing Menu

An epicurean feast with marijuana as the main dish.

In light of the legalization of marijuana in Colorado, local restaurant Hapa Sushi joined forces with TDA_Boulder to kickstart a new promotional campaign. Encouraging and normalizing the “stoner” mentality,” the campaign will run newspaper ads in local publications in Denver. But to really drum up some buzz, Boulder created a “pairing menu” and table placards around the pro-weed attitude.


At the restaurant, suitable and high-quality types of cannabis are served alongside the restaurant’s epicurean dishes. Sashimi that’s normally served with wasabi and vegetables is now being served with platinum cookies, which if you haven’t guessed use marijuana as a special ingredient.

Hapa Sushi has always been a supporter of recreational marijuana. Back in 2009, the restaurant and TDA Boulder partnered to create a series of ads that helped people locate weed dispensaries within the state. Now with the recent impactful turn in legislation, we can expect the notorious duo to create some serious pro-weed campaigns in the near future.

Hapa Sushi

Source: Creativity Online

Image: Shuttershock