Built-In Coffee Mug Mittens Keep Hands Warm On Chilly Days [Pics]

ToastyMUG by Sabrina Fossi has built-in slots that double as hand-warmers.

The ToastyMUG created by Italian product and interior designer Sabrina Fossi is a ceramic mug design with built-in slots that serve as handles as well as hand-warmers.

ToastyMUG plays on people’s tendency to warm their hands on their mugs of steaming coffee or hot chocolate during cold days. The design not only keeps the user’s drink warm but also their hands.

The ToastyMUG is made by hand by craftsmen in the Ceramic District of Montelupo, a town near Florence, Italy and currently sells for €44 on Fossi’s site.

ToastyMUG-765 ToastyMUG-123


Sabrina Fossi