Concept Corvette App Projects Speed Data In Front Of Driver’s Eyes [CES 2014]

Chevrolet is demonstrating a Google Glass app that provides performance stats in real-time.

The new Chevrolet Google Glass app connects to the Corvette Stingray and provides real-time data such as gear, speed, engine RPM, and G-force on the Glass display.

The new Corvette Stingray has an integrated WiFi and LTE connection and the concept app can connect directly to the car and display two screens of performance data, shown in clear and simple graphics. The stats pass through the servers of Chevrolet first via the car’s LTE connection and are then delivered to the Glass via Google’s Mirror API.

According to Slash Gear, Chevrolet sees the app as something more suited for the car’s passengers rather than the driver because of the potential safety risks.

The app is being demoed at the CES 2014.




Source, Images: Slash Gear