Disappearing Message Printer Is Like Snapchat For The Analog World [Video]

Social media confessions come to life with an LED printer.

Once a private confession is out in the open, it’s normally quite hard to take it back, unless you decided to use Liat Segal‘s Confession Machine that is. Instead of ink or toner, the printer uses an array of 16 ultraviolet LEDs to display your message on a static surface covered with photosensitive paint that turns bright blue – but only long enough for the truth to momentarily come out.

Segal was inspired by the idea of how easily people reveal their innermost thoughts on the web. That’s also why the intimate and revealing printed texts are taken from social networks, to draw attention to how comfortable we feel when sharing information online.

The confession machine was commissioned by Artists’ Residence Herzelya, and was carried out using technology developed by the Bloomfield Science Museum Jerusalem.

Liat Segal

Source: Gizmodo

Images: Liat Segal