Photo Collages Recreate Dutch Masterpieces [Pics]

Photo Collages Recreate Dutch Masterpieces [Pics]

An American artist reproduces famous Dutch paintings with hundreds of collected odds and ends.

Sara Roncero-Menendez

American artist Michael Mapes reproduced a number of Dutch masterpieces but not in the original medium of paint on canvas. Instead, the images are collages composed of knickknacks, small pieces like vials, resin, pins, prints, sequins, and more.

The collage pieces include recreated paintings by Dutch masters Rembrandt, van der Helst, and Pickenoy, whose 17th century works are world-renowned. Mapes mirros the finest details of the painting through deconstruction, so that work must be viewed from up close and far away.


The collection can be viewed in its entirety on Mapes’ website. Three of Mapes’ works will be features in the March 2014 “Face to Face” show hosted by the Yellowstone Art Museum in Billings, MT.


Michael Mapes

Source, Images: designboom

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