Concept Earbud Alarm Clock Only Wakes The Wearer

Concept Earbud Alarm Clock Only Wakes The Wearer

Escape unwanted noise, and get up for work without disturbing the person in bed next to you.

Ross Brooks

Alarm clocks are not always kind to the person sleeping next to you, but there may be hope in the form of an in-ear alarm clock designed by South Korean graduate Kyungmi Moon. The concept Earlarm device will feature two noise-cancelling foam ear plugs, which each have tiny speakers that connect to a bedside clock via Bluetooth.

Users of the device can check when the alarm is set to ring by looking at an LCD screen on the clock device, which also acts as a charging unit for the earplugs. Moon was inspired to create the alarm clock after oversleeping while wearing earplugs to muffle the sounds of a party taking place next door. It could also be a great way to get up for work without incurring the wrath of your partner who still has an hour or two left in bed.


Moon developed the project with friends Doyun Kim and Jinyong Park, and hopes to put the device into production after winning a Reddot design award. Beyond that there is currently no release date or estimated price available for the device, even though it’s clear there would be people with a keen interest. For images of the actual alarm clock design, you can see them over at BNPS.

Source: TheDailyMail

Images: IdlHandzDave Schumaker

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