Billowing Foam Cloud Installation Mimics An Extraterrestrial World [Pics]

Artist Kohei Nawa’s “Foam” is designed to make visitors feel as though they are on another planet.

Japanese artist Kohei Nawa used water, detergent, and glycerin to create the cloud and bubble forms that make his art installation, Foam.

The mixture was pumped from eight different locations in a dark room to create an environment that seemed like something out of this world.


The installation was designed to make visitors feel as if they were in the “landscape of a primordial planet.” Since the mixture of water, detergent, and glycerin was constantly pumped into the room, the installation also displayed an element of being “alive” and moving.

According to a post on Dezeen, Nawa experimented with the quantities of the ingredients to create foam that had enough stiffness to hold a shape.

The art installation was exhibited last year as part of the art exhibition Aichi Triennale in Nagoya, Japan.

Kohei Nawa

Source, Images: Dezeen