Ford Creates A Truck Factory On Auto Show Floor [Detroit 2014]

The authentic working assembly line display reveals how the new F-150 is constructed.

Dave Pinter
Dave Pinter on January 24, 2014. @DavePinter

Coinciding with the debut of the all-new F-150 pickup truck, Ford staged a unique display that showed how the truck is created called ‘Future Of Tough.’ A working section of assembly line was installed within Cobo Hall which showed four stages of the trucks’ assembly. The 37.5 ton structure includes functioning chassis elevators and robots.


Four F-150 trucks in various stages of completion move into bays which highlight durability, capability, efficiency and technology themes relating to the vehicle and how it is constructed. The display gives visitors an opportunity to get close to an assembly line environment and get a firsthand sense of the engineering complexity involved in producing the truck.


Following the auto show, the line will be split into sections and reinstalled in two local Detroit Ford assembly facilities. The display was ambitious and required a staff of engineers to be on hand for a few days to program the robots to mimic their actual jobs on the real line. It is the first example we’ve seen of an automaker showcasing their build story to this level of detail. We wondered way back in 2010 if using an auto show to stage such a demonstration was a good idea, Ford appeared to have realized just what we were thinking.

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Source: Ford

Photos: Dave Pinter