Larger-Than-Life Billboard Taunts Chicagoans With The Promise Of Warm Weather

400-pound flip flops crush a pair of parked cars in the Windy City.

While temperatures might have hit rock-bottom in Chicago this week, advertising agency Off Madison Avenue found a way to lift people’s spirits. In an excellent example of creative advertising, a pair of 16-foot-long, 400-pound flip-flops, appear to have been kicked off by a bikini-clad vacationer on a billboard, crushing two actual cars.


The billboard at the corner of Randolph and Jefferson was created for the Arizona Office of Tourism, which wants to remind residents of the Windy City that they don’t have to go far to escape the crushing temperatures. Unsurprisingly, the theme of the campaign is “warm up in Arizona,” which will feature ads on television, newsprint, online displays and outdoor marketing efforts, according to the state tourism agency.

Off Madison Avenue / Arizona Office of Tourism

Source: AdWeek