Campaign For The Blind Swaps Guide Dogs For Alternative Animals [Video]

An ad for the Norwegian Association of the Blind envisions a time when guide dogs are replaced by wildlife like moose, geese, and goats.

A recent advertisement for the Norwegian Association of  the Blind suggests that visually impaired people face discrimination when they have guide dogs with them. Working with Oslo advertising agency TRY/Apt, the pair created the ad to suggest that dogs aren’t that bad an option, when compared to other potential guide animals.

The tongue-in-cheek commercial shows blind people with various different animals – an ox, a donkey and a duck amongst others –  and the potential hazards they could cause as guides for those with impaired sight. In comparison, a dog seems like a docile companion and certainly less disruptive than other species.

Click below to see the amusing video that makes a very good point.

Norwegian Association of  the Blind // TRY/Apt

Source: Business Insider