Guinness Asks Bar Patrons To Swap Their Phones For Beers

Irish brewer tries to bring real pub conversation back to life

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on January 14, 2014. @greenidealism

Cellphones have now replaced conversation in a wide range of social situations, which is why Guinness has decided to speak out in its latest advertisement. The Irish brewing company just put out a new ad for the beer, which shows a pile of cell phones stacked like bricks on top of a bar counter. Below the image are the words: “Enjoy responsibly. Phones down, please.”


The hope is that people will start to engage in conversation and face-to-face human interaction, as opposed to that facilitated by mobile technology. If you’re unsure of the idea, you can also implement the rule that the first person to use their phone has to buy the next round of drinks. You could even make them pay for the whole night if you’re serious about maintaining social interactions.


Source: Mashable

Image: Paul Ellis/Getty, TNOC.photostream

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