Personalized City Maps Let Tourists Discover Locals’ Favorite Spots

Jauntful allows people to create printable guides so they can share travel tips with friends.

Emma Hutchings
Emma Hutchings on January 17, 2014.

Jauntful enables people to create and share personal printable city guides, offering their favorite travel tips to friends. This could include restaurant recommendations, activities to do while in town, personal notes, and more.

Users simply enter the name of venues (restaurants, shops, activities, vistas) and Jauntful fills in all the details, plotting every location on a map. The pocket-sized guide can then be shared with anyone they choose, who can print it out and carry it with them or view it online using any device.

Personalized City Maps Let Tourists Discover Locals’ Favorite Spots

Users can follow along as friends check off the recommended places, letting them know which spots they loved most. Jauntful suggests some possible uses for the personal guides, like friends vacationing where you used to live, neighborhood tips for houseguests, or making sure parents know where to go when they visit. You can sign up to join the preview of Jauntful by creating an account online.


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