Muscle-Monitoring Patches Track Workout’s Effectiveness

Muscle-Monitoring Patches Track Workout’s Effectiveness

An open-source medical EMG device measures the physical training process.

Serena Chu

Featured on Kickstarter, FlexVolt is an innovative and easy-to-use device that measures your muscle signals and connects to a computer to track user’s physical training progress and help them learn about biosignals. This open-source device is similar to an Electromyography (EMG), but at a fraction of the cost, making it more accessible for students and home-users.

To capture biosignals, sticker electrodes and pinch leads, similar to the equipment used for heart monitoring, are attached to the body. Collected information will then be relayed to the computer via an USB cable.


With so many helpful and interesting features, such as live feedback reports, visual and audio representations of physical movements, and remote control capabilities, the FlexVolt is an example of how medical technology is rapidly developing.

The videos below touch on key aspects of the device.


Source, Image: Kickstarter, FlexVolt Biosensor 

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