10 Things You Need To Know Today

Coca-Cola’s future in the Internet of Things, a model who codes, and more.

Netflix has assembled an unprecedented amount of genre data about films. The Atlantic

Check out this Victoria’s Secret model who’s also programmed two apps. PandoDaily

Coca-Cola has received backlash for cutting a gay marriage scene from an ad in Ireland. BrandRepublic

General Mills reformulated its regular Cheerios to be GMO-free. AdAge

The Eagles’ “Hotel California” has been turned into the world’s largest record atop LA’s Forum. Rolling Stone

Archos is taking CES with its first 4G smartphone and a smartwatch. Telegraph

The average British person switches device at home 21 times an hour. MediaWeek

Hyundai’s 2015 Genesis will feature locks controllable by Google Glass. Engadget

Here’s why Coca-Cola has stockpiled 16 million MAC addresses. Wired

Israeli entrepreneurs are crowdfunding a single-malt whisky. TheNextWeb

Image: WFJA Classic Hits