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Oculus Rift Experiment Allows Gender Swapping [Video]

Oculus Rift Experiment Allows Gender Swapping [Video]

Gender swap experiment uses Oculus Rift devices to enable people to see themselves in another person’s body.

Daniela Walker

What would the world be like if we could see through each others’ eyes? That is the basic premise of BeAnother Lab’s experiment ‘The Machine To Be Another.’ The project takes two oculus rifts, first person cameras and mirrors to create the illusion that each user is seeing through the other person’s eyes. In one particular iteration, called Gender Swap, the two users are opposite genders, so that when they look through the virtual reality finder, they see what the other gender sees.

To create the illusion that the users have embodied one another, they synchronize their movements – that way their body movements corresponds with what their eyes see. Explains the project site:

Gender Swap is an experiment that uses system as a platform for embodiment experience – a neuroscience technique in which users can feel themselves like if they were in a different body.

The experiment is being used as a way to interrogate issues such as gender identity and queer theory.

Click on the video below to watch two people virtually embody one another:

BeAnother Lab

Source/Video: BeAnother Lab

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