Map Shows Every Plane In The Air In Real Time

See what half a million airborne people looks like when plotted in real-time.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on January 22, 2014. @greenidealism

In celebration of 100 years of commercial air travel, The Guardian has created a breathtaking interactive map that uses live data to show every one of the thousands of commercial planes currently in the air. These flights add up to more than half a million people in the air at any given moment, which proves just how far the industry has come since 1914.


The sprawling aerial highways that we now rely on so heavily all started with the St. Petersburg-Tampa Airboat Line, which cost passengers the equivalent of $9,000 by today’s standards. There wasn’t much choice either,  the one available route was a 29-mile hop across from Tampa Bay, and took about 20 minutes. The service lasted for three months and carried a grand total of 1200 passengers.

With that in mind, click here to see the interactive map, and witness just how much the world of air travel has flourished.

Source: io9

Images: The Guardian

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