Animated TV Show Promotes New Season With Nude Reddit Personal Ad

FX markets their new season of Archer on the “gonewild” subreddit.

What better way to promote an upcoming season than by stripping down the cast of characters to their birthday suits? In anticipation for the fifth season of Archer, fans can find a series of nude pictures of the cast on Reddit’s 18+ “/r/gonewild” channel. Just like a comic-strip, the explicit photos are paired with witty captions. In one of the photos, Archer is caught holding a cushion in front of his crotch while indicating it is his “first ti[m]e posting here, pretty nervous…”


This PR move by the FX network is meant to appeal to the show’s target demographic, and follows the trend of brands using social media platforms and unconventional techniques to promote their content more and more.

If you are a fan of the show, the new season will premiere January 13 at 10pm.


Source: Gawker

Images: Digg