Redesigning The Modern Egg Carton [Pics]

The Hex-Egg-On by designer Gil Rodrigues consists of triangular boxes that can be folded up into a hexagonal shape.

Portuguese design student Gil Rodrigues redesigned the traditional egg container by doing away with styrofoam or plastic and the usual bulbous shape and instead used cardboard and a hexagon shape.

The Hex-Egg-On is a compact egg carton that consists of six triangular egg boxes that can be folded up into a hexagonal design. Each triangular box is like a self-contained pyramid that acts as individual storage and cushion for an egg. The individual boxes can also be removed once they are empty to make the hexagon even more compact.

The new egg carton is designed to be eco-friendly, affordable, protective, space-saving, and easier to store inside the refrigerator.


Gil Rodrigues

Source: Co.Design

Images: Gil Rodrigues