Robot Tumbleweed Collects Data By Blowing In The Wind [Video]

Robot Tumbleweed Collects Data By Blowing In The Wind [Video]

A new instrument that helps scientists study desertification.

Serena Chu

Tumbleweeds are usually made from clusters of dried grass, but have your seen one that’s made from metal wires? Conceptualized by ex-military engineer Shlomi Mir, the Tumbleweed Desert is a robotic device that monitors changing land conditions in areas unsuitable for life. The autonomous bot will relay valuable information back to researchers for them to better understand how deserts expand and move.


A kinetic generator is installed in the heart of the bot, allowing it to produce enough energy to power the onboard computer, sensors and motor. The device’s spherical shape makes it possible to catch the wind and roll around in any direction without additional mechanical assistance.


While this scientific instrument is only a prototype, Mir is working hard to create an army of Tumbleweed Deserts and scatter them in the field to map out larger territories.

Check out the wandering ball of wires below.

Tumbleweed Desert

Source: Wired

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