Selfridges Transforms Basement Into A School Of Imagination [Pics]

Selfridges Transforms Basement Into A School Of Imagination [Pics]

The London department store hired OMA to design event spaces for its upcoming Festival Of Imagination.

Daniela Walker

To kick off the Spring/Summer 2014 season, London luxury department store Selfridges is hosting a six week Festival of Imagination, complete with a tipsy-turvy in-store ‘Imaginarium.’

The Imaginarium is actually the basement of the store, redesigned by OMA and Dutch architect Rem Koolhass. The studio used Op Art style bold black and white stripes, mirrors and green columns to create a space that feels whimsical and weird. The makeshift amphitheater will be a site for a series of lectures, debates and activities all centered around the theme of imagination.

In a press release, Selfridges explains the Festival:

Based on Harry Gordon Selfridge’s belief that imagination is the antidote to routine and the mother of originality, The Festival of Imagination is Selfridges’ new campaign to encourage people to explore the power of their own imagination.

Click below to see more of Selfridges’ Imaginarium:


Source/Images: Dezeen

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