Selfridges’ Menswear Aesthetic Transformed Into A Virtual Reality Experience [Pics]

Gareth Pugh uses the Oculus Rift to create a new immersive design experience.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on January 13, 2014. @greenidealism

As part of the Festival of Imagination taking place this month at Selfridges, fashion designer Gareth Pugh has worked with Inition to create a “multi-sensory experience” called Monolith. The installation uses an Oculus Rift virtual reality display embedded in an angular helmet to transport visitors through monochromatic cityscapes filled with strange shapes and silhouettes.

The “multi-sensory experience” requires visitors to step inside a soundproof booth and put on a helmet, inspired by costumes Pugh created for the Royal Ballet, that completely covers their head. ”The inspiration for this piece really came from the desire to create a totally immersive experience,” said Pugh. “I’ve always believed in the importance of fashion film and new technology as a means of communication.”


Due to the nature of the installation, hand rails were installed around the sides of the space in case anyone loses their balance during the experience. Industrial music by London artist Matthew Stone accompanies the visuals, some of which you can see in the gallery shown below.


Source: Dezeen

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