Choreographed Explosion Of Spices Demonstrates The Artistic Side Of Flavoring

Herbs and spices form their own art form to promote Schwartz Flavour Shots.

A new campaign by Grey London for Schwartz Flavour Shots takes a drastic departure from traditional advertising in the herb and spice category. The campaign, titled ‘The Sound of Taste’ is an interpretation of how the bold flavors of these spice blends look and sound; taste is translated into a visual and aural experience.

Producer and remixer MJ Cole was commissioned to compose a unique piece to bring the concept to life. Barrels of the fresh herbs and spices explode in sync with the notes, thanks to pyrotechnics designed by UK special effects firm Machine Shop. The entire reel was shot live, with each ingredient carefully paired to a note based on the pitch and volume. See the full spot below:

Source, Images: Creative Review