Starbucks Guerilla Gardening Concept Could Make The Brand Even More Ubiquitous [Pics]

Coffee shop’s endless reach could be used to do some social good.

Designer Freddie Jordan has come up with an idea that envisions where the Starbucks brand will be in 2025, and more importantly, how to leverage its presence to promote the community. “SeedPods” takes the company’s sustainable policies even further, and encourages coffee-lovers to invest in their community with a little bit of guerilla gardening.


Seeds would be given away with every coffee purchase inside specialized capsules (the “SeedPods”), which sit on an interactive dock that is able to access a map of the local community. Users can use this map to mark where they’ve recently planted seeds, as well as draw attention to areas in need of more attention.

The Starbucks name is already an overwhelming presence in many cities, so why not take advantage of that fact?

Freddie Jordan

Source: YankoDesign

Images: Freddie Jordan