Tie Contains Hidden Metro Map For Confused Tokyo Travelers

Functional fashion takes on a whole new meaning in Japan.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on January 13, 2014. @greenidealism

One look at the Tokyo metro map would be enough to send even the most experienced travellers into a state of panic, but what if you were in town on business and had no idea where to even start? The answer comes from ARA, a Tokyo-based maker of men’s ties that has infused their latest fashion with a secret map of the city’s subway system.


The Tokyo Metro Map Necktie may not be at the peak of fashion, but its functional in more ways than one. Without having to look too obvious, you can refer to the map printed on this inside of the tie when no one is looking. Even local businessmen who have had a long weekend, or a late-night “meeting” could find the tie useful when their thinking is slightly impaired.


Tokyo Metro Map Necktie

Source: Spoon&Tamago

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