Connected Bra Only Unhooks When The Wearer Is In Love

Concept design could save you from some unsavory gentlemen.

Ross Brooks
Ross Brooks on January 27, 2014. @greenidealism

The definition of true love differs from one person to the next, but according to the creators of the “True Love Tester,” it’s a secretion of catecholamine, a hormone made by the adrenal glands. It might not sound all that romantic, but it is the one condition that’s required by the creator of a new line of lingerie in order to remove the items.

Designed by Japan’s Ravijour, the True Love Tester is a concept bra that protects the wearer from their own desires, and overzealous males. It connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth, and can only be unhooked when sensors built into the bra detect “true love.”


One interesting design concept is that when the app calculates a change that correlates with a true love, the bra will unhook itself automatically from the front. This could create more problems than it solves, but whether or not the bra will ever become a reality is yet to be seen.

In the meantime you can see who the bra will protect you from in the video below.


Source: Techland

Images: Ravijour

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