Service Enables People To Steal Their Neighbors’ Under-Used Internet [Video]

BeWifi connects a person’s router to a wireless network and redistributes bandwidth that others aren’t using.

During the day internet users normally don’t use the full capacity of their internet connection. Telefonica took advantage of that fact and created BeWifi, a service that connects a user’s router to a wireless network and redistributes bandwidth that other users are not using.

BeWifi gathers the unused bandwidth from other WiFi routers and redistributes the capacity to make sure that users get the best connection when they need it.


In a post on Wired, Telefonica Director of Product Innovation and Research Pablo Rodriguez emphasized that security was a priority when developing the technology, and BeWifi is designed to be safe and secure. Only unused bandwidth are redistributed so users still get top priority over their own bandwidth. BeWifi routers also have two separate signals, one private and one public, to ensure that no user can enter the private network of another user.

BeWifi users can connect to the WiFi routers of other users when they’re out and about. The more BeWifi routers there are, the more access points available for BeWifi users to find when they are mobile. The BeWifi routers become a vast network for users and allow them to take advantage of spare bandwidth at any given time.

Telefonica conducted the first trial in north of Barcelona, with over a thousand people signing up for it. The company is looking to roll out another trial on a much larger scale in Latin America.

Check out the video below for a short intro about BeWifi.


Source: Wired

Images: BeWifi