Temporary Tattoos Come To Life With A 3D Layer [Video]

Temporary Tattoos Come To Life With A 3D Layer [Video]

A childhood favorite gets even more enjoyable thanks to a smartphone addition.

Ross Brooks

Most of can admit to having a fascination with temporary tattoos as children, and while some of us progressed to real ones, there’s company that has made the cereal box favorite even more fun. Tattoos Alive has created temporary tattoos that work just like any other, until you pull out your smartphone and scan then with an app. Once you’ve done that, the tattoo comes to life, and even manages to pull off a little dance for your entertainment.

You’ve got a few options to choose from, which include dragons, fairies, robots, and other temporary friends available in the initial set. The  official release date for the transfers is April 15th, when you can get a set of six tattoos of a single character for $1.99 or a box of four tattoos of all six characters each for $4.99.


Source: ChipChick