What The Bible Would Look Like As An App [Pics]

What The Bible Would Look Like As An App [Pics]

Design studio Family has “rethought” the Holy Bible as an app that can be downloaded and carried with people everywhere they go.

Daniela Walker

In its regular ‘Rethink’ feature, architecture and design magazine Icon asks design agencies to rethink a piece of design that they believe to be problematic or in need of an update. British studio Family chose to rethink the Holy Bible, recreating it as a streamlined mobile app.

iconrethink_bible2 iconrethink_bible3

While the Bible is a text heavy book, Family’s app pares it down with different icons, representing each book, giving users quick access to their bible on-the-go. The updated design would also have built-in features like geo-location for places of worship and delivering random quotes by shaking the phone.



Source: Gizmodo

Images: Family

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