What The Bible Would Look Like As An App [Pics]

What The Bible Would Look Like As An App [Pics]

Design studio Family has “rethought” the Holy Bible as an app that can be downloaded and carried with people everywhere they go.

Daniela Walker
  • 18 february 2014

In its regular ‘Rethink’ feature, architecture and design magazine Icon asks design agencies to rethink a piece of design that they believe to be problematic or in need of an update. British studio Family chose to rethink the Holy Bible, recreating it as a streamlined mobile app.


While the Bible is a text heavy book, Family’s app pares it down with different icons, representing each book, giving users quick access to their bible on-the-go. The updated design would also have built-in features like geo-location for places of worship and delivering random quotes by shaking the phone.



Source: Gizmodo

Images: Family

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